El 411

Laura McLean has a beehive of songs and riffs buzzing round her had at all times. Some sting and some make honey, and a swarm or two of them are about to hit the mediawaves soon. Her latest solo effort SHEVEN DEADLY SHINS has morphed into Sheven Deadly Shins and The Book of Luv!..thass whut I said...!!.. Wading thru the song swamp, but should see daylight soon! Ed Holm rattling his guitar/bass cage about playing with NROC. Parkview Documentary back ontrack at Coolcalm. jamming with random strangers in Kris Dempsey's garage. Music life is good~!

El has garnered over 10,000 plays worldwide for cuts from her last release Elliguitar and has fans from all over the globe.  Shout out to Jango! She is a
native of Wilmington NC and has taught guitar since 11th grade in the 70s, when she ran to Williston Jr High from New Hanover High on her lunch break to teach an orphaned 9th grade guitar class. She has punked it at CBGBs, rocked it at Rusty's Surf Ranch on the Santa Monica Pier, folked out at Eddie's Attic in Atlanta, and she raps more than any woman you know.

Laura teaches music comp/guitar/digital production/songwriting/photoshop to the young and at-risk at the Dreams Center for Arts Education and various outreach centers, and nurtures private students of songwriting, guitar and hiphop/loop-based recording.

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